Informed investors understand that investment property ownership often delivers a better ROI than stock market investments and other ventures. However, investing in property requires a complex assortment of management strategies and day-to-day tasks.

By working with Lease Pros Property Management, LLC, domestic and international investors can take advantage of this favorable ROI without shouldering the burden of investors by relying on experienced and knowledgeable property management experts.

The real estate professionals at Lease Pros Property Management, LLC have experience managing rental properties, caring for rehab properties and working with Section 8 tenants and placement agencies.

The experts at Lease Pros Property Management, LLC work with each investors to determine the right blend of management services that help investors reach their specific goals. The firm’s services include

  • Advertising and marketing
  • Determining rental rates
  • Conducting property tours
  • Carrying out property maintenance
  • Submitting financial reporting
  • Hiring contractors
  • Ensuring legal and regulatory compliance
  • Addressing tenant concerns

Lease Pros Property Management, LLC also prides itself on having high standards for excellent tenant customer service. By maintaining excellent relationships with tenants, the firm helps investors achieve favorable occupancy rates.